How Can I Accomplish This?

The other day I ranted about politicians and unions.  Basically that teachers are being taken to task for what’s wrong with education and how our basic right to assemble or support our political causes is being threatened pisses me off greatly.  I think I pointed out that our (mostly male) counterparts are being protected because what they do is “important.”

Now I can see officers and guards being afraid of teachers and teaching.  Why?  Because IF this is true, then we (teachers) are putting them (officers and guards) out of jobs.  It is said that 3rd grade reading scores are used to predict the number of jail cells that will be needed.  Think about that?  How horrifying is that to consider?  That we might actually KNOW as early as age 9 that a child will end up as a criminal?

Then think about how messed up it is that we pour a lot of resources and money into that end of the outcome.  Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to fund education, pour money into early (and often) interventions, and to try to eliminate the need for jail cells?  It seems odd to me that, as a society, we’re willing to pay $47,000 (on average) per year per prisoner in California; however, we only pay $8,852 per student (when adjusted).  Mind you, we aren’t paying them to LIVE at school, but you get the point.

How do we make the huge shift to investment and funding people up-front rather than making huge cost shifts at the back to punish?  It seems to me that if this is true, then we need to make some radical changes now.

Now… How can I accomplish this?

BTW, is anyone amused (if you’ve read my stuff) that the average teacher spends between $2,000 and $5,000 per year to fund education out of their own pockets?  Yes, we’re trying to gift match the states!  Speaking of how do I change that!


Elegant Document

The Constitution of the United States of America is a damned elegant document.  There is immense beauty in its intent, and even in its ambiguity.  More than anything, it’s just delicious in how it sets out the checks and balances of the 3-ring circus we call government.

With that, have you read the executive powers lately? If not, go here.  I’ll wait. Isn’t that amazing?  Only four sections to describe the position of the president.  With that in mind, do you think it’s possible now to weed out some of the candidates for the office?  All things considered, if a candidate is promising you something that’s not on this list, well… You’re a fool to believe him.

Remember, we’re only voting for a president.

And On the Other Hand

Rush Limbaugh TOTALLY needs to be reigned in.

The difference?  One is a former child-actor who really seems to be a good guy (I know, I can’t know, but still…). He even really seems to be living the life of a good Christian. He’s living his conviction, which is why I feel he deserves to be left alone.

The other:  A bloated, self-important shit-stirrer who will lie, cheat, steal, bully and manipulate to make sure his is the loudest and last voice heard.  He does what he does deliberately, claiming satire and absurdity, to an audience who listens to him like he’s a messiah.  He has an obligation to be honest because of his position. Instead he abuses it to the detriment of the country.  That’s pretty unforgivable.

Rush deserves to be raked over whatever coals one can find.


I’m sure some TV show already went through the: I’m offended, and I’m offended at your being offended, and I take offense at your offense, etc.

Sometimes silence is golden, and you just need to let things go.  Hence the point with Kirk Cameron and his interview with Piers Morgan.

Kirk is ASKED his OPINION about GAY MARRIAGE.  He (gasp) GAVE it.  His opinion, if you didn’t just skip over and read it, is that he feels being gay is unnatural and destructive.  He goes on to say that marriage is between one man and one woman until death do you part.  Then it explains that he’s an Evangelical Christian (because apparently THAT’S the reason for his belief.  Maybe it is, but there was something icky about stating it.).  Sigh.

Look, you don’t have to like his opinion.  I don’t agree with it.  However, I believe freedom of speech is  protected by the Constitution.  That means he gets to say what he thinks and feels WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

His opinion is not going to be changed.  Making a fuss just makes people on the fence cringe due to what they perceive as “politically correct rhetoric” and “bullying”.  I’d rather he was honest about his feelings than say one thing and vote the other.

Besides when it’s all said and done, we will all have to come to the realization that marriage is a CONTRACT between two people.  Thus, it’s business.  And churches don’t control business transactions.  That would be the legal branch of your government.  Don’t believe me?  Did your church marry you without a license from the state?

Let the poor man be.  Really.