@ Taed

I was inspired to write this after reading Cassie’s “100 things about me”.  I will do that too, later.  However, I was thinking of the  things I like/love about my husband. My goal is to add until I get to 100 and beyond.

  1. He loves me despite myself.
  2. He is an amazing father.
  3. He is loyal and dedicated to his family.
  4. He is the perfect mix of Bugs Bunny and Mr. Rogers.
  5. He “volunteers” naturally by cleaning graffiti or calling it in.
  6. He is active in Keb’s learning.
  7. He forces Keb and I to leave the house on weekends.
  8. His mental math skills are mind-boggling.
  9. Never once has he made me feel fat or said anything about my weight.
  10. He understands my needs before I do, offering food, exercise, buddy-time or alone-time when he gets that I’m twitchy.
  11. He listens to me rant without really getting involved.  He’s learned not to engage crazy people.
  12. He nags, but in a good way.
  13. Even when I’m mad that he’s “made” me do something, I’m always 100% happier when it’s done.  Like my car.
  14. He is the BEST cuddler EVER.  The song may say it’s in his kiss, but I think having someone wrap themselves around you and hold you tight is the best indicator.
  15. He is hysterically funny and dry.
  16. He enjoys games and is very social, much more-so than I.
  17. He thinks of others and will do small things to make their lives better.
  18. He likes to tease and pull practical jokes — funny when you’re watching only. :p
  19. He will usually always put aside his time for relaxation to take Keb to the park, swimming or on a playdate.
  20. He is well-read, well-watched, and pays very close attention to what’s going on in the world.
  21. He pushes me to read other things.
  22. My Christmas present is always the latest Newberry award and honor winners — usually in hardback.
  23. He hates blow-ins and book jackets.  I have them all over the place.  He hasn’t run screaming from the house yet.
  24. When we travel, he watches the plane cross the US.
  25. He is highly organized and meticulous with paperwork.
  26. He is incredibly persistent when it’s important.
  27. He’s also incredibly competitive.  He really enjoys games.
  28. He likes other people’s children as well as his own.
  29. He never gets bitchy when we’re used as babysitters for a “play date”.
  30. He pushes Keb to work harder and better.
  31. If he thinks I’ll like a movie, he puts it into the Netflix queue.
  32. When new seasons of a show I like come on, he automatically, without thought or reservation, puts it into the DVR queue.
  33. He won’t watch a show if he thinks I’ll like it, even when I tell him to.  He’ll save it until we can watch it together.
  34. He’s always thinking of things that Keb should watch, read, learn or do.
  35. He goes to the library weekly.  He’s the best user of public libraries ever.  I am the worst.
  36. He is hard to buy for as he wants very little that he doesn’t just buy for himself.
  37. He is sentimental and sensitive.  He cares more than people think.
  38. He is blunt, saying what he thinks.
  39. He loves Motown and Folk Music.
  40. He once injured himself skiing.  He worked really hard with PT to avoid surgery.  I think it still bothers him, but he doesn’t complain.
  41. When he has something “go wrong”, he takes care of it.  He doesn’t really let things go.  He’s incredibly proactive.
  42. He’s better at my health than I am.
  43. He knows when I’m twitchy and tries to help.
  44. Family is THE most important thing to him.
  45. He already knows he wants grandchildren.
  46. He cleans our carpet almost weekly because Amelia stopped using the litter box each time a LONG time ago.  He NEVER, EVER, EVER complains about this.
  47. He has some phobias, but he is working so hard to keep them from interfering with his life.
  48. When we go on holiday to the Midwest, he’ll often buy a new game and be finished by the time we return.  He tends not to play overly engaging games when we’re home.
  49. He can unclog a sink and a toilet, but I have to deal with the garbage disposal.
  50. He gives to charities he believes in.  He’s also started Keb on this path.  They gave to the Smile Train.
  51. He said he’s never had a crush on another person since we’ve been together.  Maybe this is ’cause he’s an engineer and the pool is limited, or maybe he just hasn’t.  Still it was very sweet to hear.
  52. He tries so hard to get me things I like.  He still does it even though I can be a complete jerk and make comments.  I really do appreciate his attempts because it shows his love.
  53. He doesn’t laugh (although he might roll his eyes) when I tell him I want to be one of those old couples that still holds hands and are friends at 98.  I seriously meant ’til death do us part.
  54. I worry that he will die young and leave me. I panic worry a lot when he’s not home by 7. It’s weird, I know.  However, I don’t want to be without him and I can’t ever imagine a better dad for Keb.
  55. He doesn’t “do” social networking stuff.
  56. He thinks it’s odd that I’ve friended his friends.  I think he really thinks it’s odd that they friended me.
  57. He wants to spend more time with his family, but the distance makes it hard.
  58. He really likes Keb to know his family.
  59. He is the cleanest person I know.  I’ve never known him NOT to shower.
  60. He teases about shaving his head.  Since he cuts his own hair, he can do this.  He does a better job than anyone else.
  61. He started growing his beard the day Keb was born.  While he was cute before it, I think he’s very manly with it.
  62. He still reads aloud to Keb almost daily.
  63. He pretty much only drinks water and juice.
  64. He LOVES movies.  We used to see a lot.  I think this is the biggest change since having Keb/my going into teaching.
  65. He is the oldest of brothers.  He is most protective of Bret because Bret is 11 years younger than Taed.
  66. I think he’d love to have all his nieces and nephews in one place.  I doubt it will ever happen for him here.  In Texas, yes.  Here, no.  I feel sad about that.
  67. He hogs the covers and does what I call turning himself into a burrito.  Tuck in, tuck in, nothing left for me.
  68. He will set the alarm to get up to check Keb’s breathing.
  69. He does all the appointment stuff.
  70. He has the larger closet, but I have a dresser.
  71. He likes whimsical T-shirts.  He has a strong sense of whimsy.
  72. He is easily the nicest person I know.
  73. If he dislikes someone it really is for a reason.  He is NOT capricious.  You did something.
  74. He dislikes people who can’t back-up what they say.
  75. If he thinks you’re full of it, he’ll ignore you or walk away.
  76. He puts up with my messes.
  77. He vacuums weekly.
  78. He usually appreciates that dinner is made, even when it tastes like butt.
  79. He uses me to tell him how he knows an actor or actress.  I’m less good at this now that I don’t watch stuff.
  80. It’s cute how irritated he gets when I ask stupid questions about movies or shows I don’t watch.  If I get bludgeoned for this, I earned it.
  81. He has the most beautiful green eyes.
  82. He has a cute smile.
  83. He used to run and bike.  Now he has us and feels he doesn’t need to do that.
  84. He LOVES Chinese fast food.
  85. His favorite flavor is vanilla.
  86. He doesn’t love watching Disney or Pixar films over and over.
  87. He gets the paper for the Fry’s ad, not comics or editorials.
  88. If you want a magazine, he can usually find a subscription for $5.
  89. He’s a bit cheap, but mostly frugal.
  90. He’s better about reuse, recycle, and reduce than anyone I know.
  91. He volunteers at Keb’s school.
  92. His favorite colors are grey and orange.
  93. He pretty much only wears New Balance shoes.
  94. He is wearing old glasses because he can’t get a new pair that works.
  95. I’d love for him to have Lasik, but he would NEVER let a laser be near his eye.
  96. He likes In and Out Burgers, which I think is funny because he orders a Pho Soup that’s beef, only without the beef.
  97. He never complains that I don’t cook beef or pork.
  98. He loves breakfast casserole.
  99. He likes instant grits.
  100. He doesn’t drink, smoke, use drugs or drink caffeine.  Talk about clean living!
  101. He LOVES cashews.
  102. His favorite flavor of ice cream is raspberry, white chocolate chip.
  103. He likes the idea of Cold Stone and Fro-yo places.
  104. He feels weekends are “family time.”

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