When I was younger
my love for you was so
great that I put up
with things I accepted
from no one else

As I grew older,
I assumed love meant
accepting your silence,
the way you cut me
out unless you wanted
something, giving just enough
to keep me hoping, remembering…

I made excuses for your absence,
but I knew I was not your priority
I felt the scales tip, slowly, from
50-50, to 90-10, until I knew
the relationship was merely
a wisp of its former self

Existing only because
I was too tenacious to
let it go

Today, I cut the line
We’re both free



The Great Beyond

The watcher of the good-night
found human souls
So he avoided them whenever possible
For their sorrow and
Made his job all the more difficult

In their grief, they would remain
by the side of the wanted
interfering greatly in the task he was there
to complete

He was to escort the soul
to the great beyond
the next level
heaven, hell, purgatory

they were all the same
and he found the preoccupation with
them exhausting

Plus it really made his job hard
all those questions of
why are you here
where am I going
will I see so and so there

He didn’t know any
of the other souls who’d
so many over time
and he didn’t like speaking in human

So he waited, he had to
the human sorrow,
greed, grief, and medicine
always medicine

Until he could get the soul
alone, convince it to come
where it was needed
and to leave behind
the bothersome humans

of whom the soul
was no longer one of

since it was passing
to the great beyond

Circle of Life

The circle of life
came to a close
too many times
this year

To one, in April
a sorrowful death
prolonged, painful
the doorway closed
before the mourners
could bid good-bye

The other, in August
sudden, coincidental
young, shining a light
on potential lost
where life was not a
burden, but a journey

The circle is coming again
to one who is ready
desirous to meet
with her lord
to go home

She is waiting
for the circle to close
So we can go on
in the circle of life

Not Meant to Be

You should have known
about the false love I had shown
for never once had I sworn to stay
I was the one who ran away

You promised me
that by my side you’d always be
Yet I’ve thrown you out to sea
Alone is how I’m meant to be

I just cannot stand
standing by my man
playing grand
for everyone to see

I want something more
than being the bore
brimming with responsibility

I had filled my life
being your wife
a role not meant for me

Now it’s time for me to leave
and for you to grieve
A love that was not meant to be

Yes, It Sounds Like Yesterday

Once upon time
I was yours,
and you were mine
Until the end of time

But that was once upon a time

you were not the man for me
and I stopped viewing you so dreamily
A fog was lifted off of me

I just had to go
your show
was too much for me

You were never there
and our pair
went separately

Once upon a time,
I was your, and your mine
And we planned until the
end of time

The end of time
came suddenly


Hard to Be You

It’s so damned hard to be you
every little thing makes you blue
although you deny it
you know it’s true
It’s so damned hard to be you

Everyone you know is a creep
boring, inconsiderate or a sheep
so you counter it all with sleep
It’s so damned hard to be you

Only you can do what is right
control everything within your sight
screaming louder with all your might
It’s so damned hard to be you

Have you ever once thought to say
“Wishing you a happy day”
Perhaps all the drama would go away
But then it wouldn’t be so hard to be you


Your Silence

I never feared your words
for what was said was always

a small gift from you
to me
conveying all I could
hope for, dream, desire

Even the words that weren’t
happy, joyful or full of praise
were given as gifts to make
me better
improvement bestowed

Say what you will
for I can take any of your
words — good or bad

Your silence, however,
kills me