@ the Author

In no particular order of importance…

Teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, PITA (pain in the ass), activist, complainer, “exerciser”, early riser, sarcastic, loving, crazy,  Diet Pepsi Addicted 44 year old, herder of cats, Taed and Keb. 🙂

I forgot REM fanatic. You know if a fanatic wouldn’t tattoo themselves, create a web site to their “beloved” and won’t go to a concert ’cause it’s too far away and they don’t like concerts that much. Maybe I’m just a fan…

September 2011 Update: Stopped exercising, poor cat finally died so herding is not necessary, and REM disbanded.  Maybe there’s a country song in that.

And in case I forget to update my age
2011: 44
2012: 45
2013: 46
2014: 47
2015: 48
2016: 49
2017: 50 (I want a party.  I big one!  LOL.  Not really.)



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