Gun Control — An Idea

It should come as no surprise that I’m more of a “liberal” girl.  As such, I am an advocate for gun control.  And before you get your knickers in a knot, you should consider that GUN CONTROL is not the same as TAKE ALL YOUR PRECIOUS GUNS AWAY FROM YOU AND VIOLATE YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Jesus.  It’s like the joke about how the NRA isn’t willing to let one law pass because it’s seen what has happened with abortion.

Instead of seeing this as BLACK (NO GUNS WHATSOEVER!!!!) and WHITE (GUNS FOR EVERYONE EVEN THAT TODDLER WHO SHOT HIS MOM IN THE FACE!), I think we could actually come to some sort of gray area where compromise is made, but the spirit of the 2nd amendment remains intact.

How about we simply get rid of all secondary gun sellers who lack a Federal Firearms License?  Because we already know that Chicago’s gun control laws are easily circumvented because people can buy guns outside of Chicago or bring guns in and sell out of their homes or cars, I say that Chicago should allow the sale of guns.  However, only by dealers with Federal Firearms Licences.

Why?  Because that thing can and will be pulled for illegal activity.  Because you can then charge people who give or sell guns to people who aren’t SUPPOSED to buy them with aiding and abetting criminal activity.  Because you can charge illegal sellers with whatever crime was committed with the gun.  How about we get rid of the people who THINK they’re good, law-abiding citizens, and actually just nail them for the criminals they are?

Guns should also be registered because CARS ARE.  It does no harm to register your firearms and for a federal database to be kept. Sure, people are going to ignore it until it’s too late, but you can’t stop apathetic people from being employed.  You can, however, charge the idiot to whom the firearm was registered with the crime even if they weren’t there.  IF you’re lucky enough to have the weapon, but that’s another issue.

Furthermore, people who legally purchase weapons should be mandated to take classes in how to own, operate, and shoot the weapon.  Way too many people buy guns without any idea how to take care of them and how, in a situation where shooting a criminal would be necessary, to actually SHOOT the person and be willing to KILL the person.  There is no good use in owning a weapon you have no clue how to properly use.  Why?  Because we have driver’s ed. That’s why.

And last… Any weapon made for WAR needs to stay with the armed forces.  We really don’t allow people to walk around with grenades, canons,  or bayonets, so I think we can safely add assault rifles to this list. We don’t need them in civilized society.  Or, if we do, then canons, grenades, and bayonets should be allowed to sold as well. (Actually, I don’t know if there are ANY laws against them.  It just seems weird for someone to be walking around with them).

We can, as a country, enact safe, sane, and satisfying gun control laws without everyone flipping his or her wig.

And to give a little more perspective… If the number of young white men killed or incarcerated was equal to the number of young black men who’ve been killed or incarcerated due to gun violence, we’d probably see a change in the conversation.  If your point of view is that only criminals die or go to jail, you clearly don’t understand the issue at hand.



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