Mea Culpa

I’m one of those rare people who is liberal, yet not politically correct.  I feel euphemisms get in the way of achievement.  I dislike the lack of transparency that comes with it because it forces me to have to pay A LOT of attention to people and their actions.  Truthfully, I’ll take someone who is apologetically racist, sexist, or ageist (or whatever ist you can think of) than someone who hides their feelings in jokes, veiled comments, or facial expressions.

Because of that, I could not give one rat’s hinney about Paula Deen and her alleged racist remarks or Alec Baldwin and his homophobic ones. You know why?  Because it’s none of my business.  Truly.

Last I checked this is the (read this really slowly and drawn out because I’m too lazy to write it that way) 21 century.  While (I believe) the act of branding someone with a Scarlett Letter was merely a literary act, we seem to have decided it should be a LITERAL act. 

Over the past thirty years it has become the norm to find people publicly begging for forgiveness for their sins.  I don’t know about you, but I’m no priest.  And straight-up, we are not a communal confessional.  If I was not personally wronged, I don’t want to hear your confession.  I am not going to give you forgiveness because, to me, there is nothing to forgive.

I really do not understand the public fascination with celebrities and their follies.  Furthermore, I don’t know why a celebrity MUST let me know that he or she has let me down.  Last I checked, I hadn’t said anything.  And truly, I don’t care.

Whether Paula Deen is a racist is her business.  However, I have to say that I would have thought this would have reared its head long before now since she’s enjoyed more than a decade in the spotlight.  While she might have crude humor or even poor timing or even decided to use a perceived slur, I need more evidence than the use of the N-WORD for me to decide to brand her, shun her, and strip her of everything she’s worked towards.  I’m just not that eager to make people bend to my desires and wills.

As for Alec, while his comments were considered quite crude, rude and socially unacceptable, I have to say that I find his lack of apologizing refreshing.  That’s either because I missed it, or because he’s allowed to say such things.  Perhaps his hateful speech wasn’t so hateful, or perhaps it’s OK if you’re a man. 

I think as a society we need to put a moratorium on the public apology.  I think celebrities should be allowed to be bone-headed ignorant fools who make mistakes and we should just IGNORE them.  If you don’t like what they do, don’t partake in their product.  Quell your offense and meditate on it.  However, don’t remark on it, keep it going, and add your own 2¢.

What say we allow this trend to die, never to be resurrected again?


One thought on “Mea Culpa

  1. Jolene says:

    Very well written! I might just have to feature your post here.

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