Things to Do for The Holidays

This is not my post — at all.  I was talking with my BFF, Cassie, and she remarked that she wanted to compile a list of activities she and her boys could enjoy during the holidays.  Whether she knows it or not, she’s all about making traditions.  So I sent this list to her, and she remarked: “This is going to have to be blogged!!!!!”  Unfortunately, I’m still not sure if she meant her or me.  Therefore, I’m posting the list.  I won’t be performing the list.  I hope that she will be taking on parts of it. 🙂
However, if you need ideas of what to do over the holidays, here are some that I dreamed up.  Mostly it’s about using YouTube to immortalize/embarrass your children.  I’m like that.

The List

  1. Ding Dong Ditch with “gingerbread” houses.  This is a variation of May Day or You’ve Been Booed, only leaving a “gingerbread” house made from graham crackers,  canned frosting, and candy.  Imperfection is part of the charm. Here are two sites to give you a frame of reference. and
  2. Driving around looking at lights — extra points for letting any teenager in the family do the driving in the snow
  3. Sending videos of the family singing Christmas Carols to out-of-town relatives
  4. Popping popcorn on your stove/fireplace
  5. Making suet bird feeder thingys for the birds (suet, seed, peanut butter, that kind of thing): or — remember to get pictures of the project, the hanging, and the happy customers
  6. Seeing Santa at the mall and getting the entire family in the picture.  Extra points for awkward teenager on Santa’s knee poses.
  7. Family secret Santa — pick each other’s names and do little things for each other or give small, but useful gifts.
  8. Family game night — anything that brings people together.  I suck at this so the only game I’m good at is Family Flux.
  9. Hot chocolate and Charlie Brown/Grinch — talk about the true spirit of Christmas
  10. Tape your kids in a duet of Snow Miser and Heat Miser from A Year Without Santa Claus.  Upload to YouTube.  Count your hits. (partial lyrics here:
  11. Host a dessert party –everyone brings a dozen or 2 dozen sweet treats.  Sing and hang out. Extra points for each person bringing 12 copies of his her favorite mantra/Bible verse to share.
  12. Teach your teenaged son or daughter to do doughnuts in the Walmart parking lot (OK, maybe not!)
  13. Sledding or ice skating as a family — make up some special “reward” for whiners. LOL.
  14. Festival of Trees or Holiday in the Park — whatever your town does to celebrate the winter
  15. Make paper snowflakes and decorate the trees outside
  16. Visit the senior center – take candy, toiletries, and gift cards.  Listen to their stories.
  17. Watch 24 hours of “A Christmas Story”
  18. Dress someone up as Ralphie — post to YouTube! LOL.
  19. Decorate the house — pay attention to weird places — the bathroom, kitchen cupboards, etc.
  20. Find 12 things per person to donate to Goodwill, Catholic Charities, etc.
  21. Dress someone up as Linus from Charlie Brown Christmas to repeat the Bible verse at the end.  Post to YouTube.
  22. Make some sort of Christmas yummy together. Eat or donate or both.
  23. Actually go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.  See what it’s all about.
  24. Listen to Bill Cosby and laugh.
  25. Snow Angels (if it snows).  Get pictures.
  26. Make a blanket fort in your living room.  Hunker down with books and read to each other
  27. Tape yourself reading “Night Before Christmas” for the future
  28. Shrinky-dinks!
  29. Celebrate Posada
  30. Teach your son/daughter your favorite holiday recipe
  31. Teenage Secret Santa/Snow In — invite your child’s teenaged friends, make each bring a gift, draw a name when they come in and put it on the gift, watch “cheesy” Christmas films and hang out.
  32. Volunteer at the soup kitchen or church
  33. Hugs — one each day +1 working up to 24 hugs by Christmas
  34. White Elephant/Regift party — invite friends, teenagers, family, and have them bring weird gifts or things they don’t want — trade.  When done, anything left over is given to charity — no hard feelings.
  35. Coupons for Grandmas — 12 things to do or help
  36. Gift jars — what makes you special — try to fill one jar per family member — one idea per week (52)
  37. Family memories — sit around and share family stories — write them down or record them
  38. Gratitude cards — one card per day — “What I love about you is ..”
  39. Make a terrarium
  40. Plan a spring garden — flowers or food
  41. Family prayer time
  42. $20 Family Dollar — each person has $5 to spend at the dollar store.  What do they get and why?
  43. Stockpile Twinkies and other Hostess products.  Make each other do silly tricks for them.
  44. Each person writes a “story” for the yearly holiday letter.  Sign holiday cards and mail them no matter the date — even if they are late. 🙂
  45. Gather all the change in the house and give it to the first bell-ringer you find



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