What’s Wrong With Kids Today?

As a teacher, I often get asked this as people make their opinions known.  Kids are too (insert adjective here).  This is probably true.  However, most of the time I just want to have a mirror pop up.  What’s wrong with kids today is adults.  You, me, the neighbors, grandparents, etc.   When we were kids, it was our adults.  It’s an age-old issue.

Fact is, if we didn’t like what was going on (whatever that happens to be), we’d change it.  Or we’d support people who do change it or challenge it.  The fact that we sit and talk about it means we really don’t give a shit in the long run.  Not really.  I mean, we’d LIKE to give a shit, but there’s probably something more pressing.  Like Angry Birds or getting my lizard on.  Those are far more important than taking on some issue and having to maybe swim upstream and not necessarily be supported.  You see, when we CONSIDER, truly CONSIDER, what it takes to make a difference, we back down like the beaten curs we are. Worse, we don’t have a DEFINED foe.  All it takes to get us to roll over and play dead is the IMAGINED forces.  We don’t even try.

Which means, ultimately, that we model sitting back and accepting the status quo.  Making change is limited to pinning some cool quotes on Pinterest, signing a petition, and bitching and moaning.  It’s rarely, if ever, about rolling up our sleeves, getting dirty, and taking risks.  That’s for someone else.

Of course who can blame us really?  If you consider it, most of us consider it quite an accomplishment if we can be happy.  In fact, that seems to be the goal for our children.  We just want them to be happy.  Not smart, productive, innovative, creative, persistent, or any other adjective.  Just happy.

And I’m sure you see the slope we’re on now.  You can’t really make someone happy so… Back to square one.  However, if The Who are to be believed then…

The Kids are Alright


One thought on “What’s Wrong With Kids Today?

  1. Seriously, what comes to mind is this: you rock, Girl! But I can’t figure out why. I was looking for some English grammar resource for a Cantonese-speaking friend and stumbled onto your blog and – what? – thirty minutes later, I’m still reading, smiling, and now – I cannot believe it – overcoming my huge resistance to RUIS (Replying to Unknown Internet Shit). Happy trails.

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