How Much Money?

File this under “take one, pass it on”.

If you know a teacher, have him or her post in the comments how much he/she has spent on school this year or even last year.  I’d love to see how much teachers are adding to the system to “make things better” or “even it up.”  If they are fortunate enough to be at a high-end school where parents use their wealth to guarantee access for their children, how about how much the teacher WOULD have spent were it not for reimbursement from the parents (a hearty thank-you! to all parents for that.)

Also, if you’re a parent who supports the teacher/school, if you could state how much and maybe even what it was for, that would be cool too.  Remember to pass it on so we can find out how many people are TRYING to make a difference in the educational system.

Basically, I want to see how much society is paying out-of-pocket and figure out a different manner of doing that OR even just getting a huge, “We funded our schools!” sign with a dollar amount.  Wouldn’t it be great if school districts published such things?

(PS Cumberland Elementary PTA in Sunnyvale does this with their volunteer hours.  They can show that the parents add, on average, an additional $120,000 in services to the students just by working at the school.  No wonder the school rocks.)


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