Vouchers and Charter/Private Schools

This might come as a HUGE surprise, but I am a proponent of a voucher system in education.  However, I don’t really think that families should get to choose, despite what has been put out there.  Quite frankly, I have ZERO interest in a private or charter school gleaning all of my good students.  Instead, you are more than welcome to take my students who can’t read, won’t read, can’t behave, won’t behave, and whose parents have little or no interest in progressing the educational cause.   In fact, when they can’t make it at public schools, I feel we should give them a voucher and $250 to transfer to the closest charter or private school in the neighborhood.

I think it’s only fair that we give our colleagues the opportunity to teach these students  because these institutions are better than the public ones and will manage to help troubled students at a much higher rate than we can.  We need to spread that love rather than devoting one place to being “Lost Cause Academy: Home of the Screwball” which seems to be society’s vision of public schools.
You’re welcome.


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