Trip To DM

I had the best trip to Des Moines EVER.  This is surprising because, as a rule, when I call Taed to complain about all the DRAMA, he reminds me that I was the one who decided to “stay so long”.  Generally, in the past, I always should have made my trips 2 days shorter. It’s funny in that rueful laugh sort of way.

This time, however, that was different.  Perhaps it’s the side effect of going crazy (yes, I know I’m not crazy, but let’s be honest.  It sounds TONS more interesting than depressed.).  I have to assume that meds; a daily regimen that includes exercise, fresh air, and seeking support; and the reminder to practice what I’ve learned in class helped ease any emotional tension.  However, I rarely felt any.

I went to visit my grandmother twice.  I had a couple of great conversations with her.  She was afraid of all the pictures being thrown out so she was encouraging us to take them.  I found so many pictures of my dad (about age 3 when his dad was being shipped to San Francisco during World War II), but still…  I found some pictures of us as kids.  I managed to find a service picture for my grandfather, my dad, my uncle, and then my brother.  How cool is that?  I even found some school pictures of Michael.  They are currently with Mom.

I had an interesting dinner at Centro.  I wasn’t crazy about the food, but my dessert was FAB.U.LOUS!  🙂  I was able to learn more about my cousin, Ellie.  She’s right.  We can’t wait 24 years to see each other again.  However, dinner with Mom, my sister, and my cousin was a great way to spend an evening.  It’s not often you get to have a relaxing evening out.

I spent a good amount of time talking to my Uncle Bobby.  He was sharing stories about my dad when he was younger, including one where my dad allegedly was one of the first to build a rear-engine dragster for some racer in California.  I don’t remember the driver, but Uncle Bobby was pointing out that this guy was MAJOR.  That’s pretty cool.

It was also great to see so many of my relatives.  I was able to hang out with my Uncle Chris, his wife, Shari, and his children, Lucy and Mary.  I saw my Aunt Pat and Aunt Linda.  My Uncle Dale and Aunt Diane came up the last day I was in DM to visit a bit.  Plus seeing my sister.

In all it was a successful trip.


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