One Step Forward, And Another Right Back

On one hand I’m far less angry and willing to wallow in past issues.  On the other hand, I’m still pretty judgmental when it comes to certain people in my life.  My latest issue regards a colleague of mine.

For some reason, this person is under the impression that she is an overachiever who works “all the time” and she’s tired of it because she “isn’t appreciated”.  Really? Uhm,  I haven’t been putting as much time into work this year as I need to, but I work longer, more often, and get more done than this person.  If she wants to see overachievers she need only look at our 3rd grade team who are there 12 hours a day, plus weekends.  Those women are working HARD.

This woman actually said that she worked one day from 7 to 5, and she wasn’t planning on making this a habit.  That included, by the way, lunch and a meeting.  It’s not a short day, but, as of last year, it was a NORMAL day for me and most of my other colleagues.

I so want to give her a “Come to Jesus” moment, but I suspect she wouldn’t get it.  She’s way to busy feeling sorry for herself to even get that there’s nothing special about what she’s doing.  In fact almost all of her colleagues are working long weekday hours, on weekends, and dragging work home.  You’re a teacher! Fair?  Perhaps not.  Part of life? Yes.

I just want to tell her how much she isn’t an overachiever.  In fact, in the ways of teachers, she’s barely achieving.  How do I know?  If she’s not beating me in the teaching game, and I’m not overachieving, than neither is she.  Shut up and work already.


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