Mean Girl — Me

Every once in a while I get meaner than normal.  Not funny, sarcastic mean, but mean biting mean.  Evil mean.

Lately it’s been pointed at a former colleague.  This person spends so much time at school she should live there, yet she accomplishes so little she should go home.  There’s a difference between being there and working.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t share the one thing that brings me great joy, but it’s not public knowledge so…  Needless to say, it paints a clear picture of how well she DIDN’T do her job.  Yes, that’s mean.

In the mean I can share, a former student stopped by to see me and give me a hug.  I asked how things were going, gave some advice, and then listened as she said she was doing so much better in “subject she’s already taken” this year because “the teacher has control of the classroom”.  Then said student back pedaled so she wasn’t speaking out against my colleague because “she’s a really nice person and a great teacher”.

Uh, huh.  If you say so, honey.


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