The Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Wedding dress

Background: My grandmother was married something like seven or eight times. Many of the marriages took place while she was drunk so not all of them "stuck". She was a flawed human being and not very nice. Yet, no one would have denied this broken, flawed person the chance of love, coupling, security, or happiness.

With that in mind, why deny it to same-sex couples?

While I've heard all of the arguments about how it's against God, contributes to the breakdown of society, and how these people aren't normal, I can't help but think that these are bullshit excuses thrown out by intolerant people.

I'm not a Godly person. However, I'd like to think that any deity that would exist would recognize sexuality as being different from morality. I would like to think that, like any parent, God would want his/her creations to be happy, secure, and create a better life. If that's the case, why deny them this? I just can't believe a deity would do that. In fact, I think people blame God for their own shortcomings.

As for breaking down society, how? Doesn't anyone find it interesting that "these people" who want to "break society's basic laws" would want marriage at all? I think, if anything, it shows how intrinsic and basic marriage is as a need to people. Furthermore, I think it really emphasizes how much same-sex couples want what everyone else has – a need for a societal norm. Save for sexuality, the desire to be like everyone else is there. I mean, with that in mind, shouldn't we be tarring and feathering George Clooney for his anti-marriage stand?

I actually believe committed coupling is good for society. It creates stability and a community in which people work towards common goals. Casting people from our community is never a good plan. I would propose that such an action would be an affront to God.

I've never, ever understood the concept that same-sex marriage would work against heterosexual marriage. At its core, marriage is two people coming together to be one. From there, we hope that this unit is a force for good, change, and acceptance. Are there people who give marriage "a bad name"? Sure (see my story about my grandmother). Yet, they are always given the chance to get it right.

Then why deny marriage based on sexuality? Truly. It's hard enough to be married. There aren't tons of great role models, but we could have more. I say we make this our equal rights project and let everyone say YES to the dress.

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