Along with Carol, I’m pretty lucky to have another teacher I met at Olinder as my friend.  Tracy, too, is one of those people who will do almost anything for you.  She’s VERY social and is always ready to go do things.  I’m not.  It’s probably good that we know each other.

Currently, Tracy’s dad has the two filing cabinets that were in my classroom.  He’s painting them so that they a) match each other and b) don’t look trashed.  He’s also painting Tracy’s, and her book shelves.  Honestly, the furniture we get that has to last decades just doesn’t stand up to the wear we put on it, or that the kids put on it.  It definitely doesn’t stand up to changes in aesthetics!

Unfortunately, this has been Tracy’s summer of hell, which was just capped by some really hard news.  Tracy was just diagnosed with melanoma.  Poor girl.  She’s been through a lot in her life, and this summer was no different.  She’s had to deal with “female” problems and surgery, sinus surgery, and then the removal of two suspicious moles.  While something like 60-75% of skin cancers are easily dealt with, she has the one that’s not.

I don’t even know how to help her, so I did the only thing I could to make sure she knew she was loved.  I went to Rick’s in Palo Alto to pick up a pint of her favorite ice cream, Rose.  Then I went to Marie Calendar’s to get her a chocolate cream pie.  I bought crap magazines so she’d have something to look at, but that she didn’t have to focus on.  I listened to her fears, worries, and sorrow.  I asked to make sure someone would be seeing the oncologist with her and taking notes.

I agree that it’s not fair.  At 45 she’s gone through more than most.  This is another trial.  I can’t take it on, but I can work to be as good a friend, and as supportive, as she’s been to me.


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