I know I’ve written about my friend, Carol, before; however, I just have to brag on her some more.

I don’t know if you remember about her or not, but Carol and I met at Olinder Elementary.  She was a 3rd grade teacher, and I was in some messed up 4/5 combo class.  Eventually we ended up in 4th together and looped to 5th with our students.  During our time there, we became more than colleagues — we became friends.

Carol is one of those good people who would give you the coat of her back.  She’s not always cuddly (at first).  In fact, she’s a bit reserved.  However, once she’s let you in, there’s nothing she won’t do to help.  Which brings me to this week.

I hate the colors in my new classroom.  Someone decided that purple, blue and yellow belonged together –which they do, in nature.  However, in a small room it’s just overpowering.  I’m not diagnosed ADD, but the colors are too much for me.  Here’s the thing, IF the school district would let me paint, Carol would help.  How great is that?

However, on top of all this were my cabinets.  They had been painted to match the blue of the walls.  However, there were scuffs, scratches, and chips in the paint revealing a very odd burnt umber brown laminate.  All I could think of is telling the kids to “sit anywhere” to work, having a kid sit against the cabinet, and watch him (yes, in my mind it’s a young man) chip at the paint.  Why?  Because that’s what I would do.  Hell, even Carol was entranced by could she peel the paint.

So on Monday we met up at school to remove the doors so I could bring them home and suffer through getting the paint off.  At that time, it just seemed it was going to be a Herculean task of chipping.  Then while Carol, who had brought Clorox wipes for me,  was chipping, she wiped off some of her work.  What happened next was brilliant — a wonderful discovery.  The wipe somehow permeated the paint enough to make it come off in long strips!  Glory!  Glory!

What ended up being a long task at school on Monday was a short task on Tuesday when I worked on the doors.  All because Carol has the gift of observation.  Plus, she’s persistent.  That door was going to be paint free!

This is a minor incidence in the ways that Carol has helped me professionally and personally.  I just love that she doesn’t care what we’re doing as long as we’re hanging out, talking.

I just wish she saw herself the way I see her.  She’s pretty amazing, and I’m fortunate she’s my friend.


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