I’ve Been Claimed

For the past two months or so, my desire for a cat has been huge.  I’d been missing Amelia terribly, and I was ready for a new furry, family friend.  While I had imagined that I’d replace the carpet, and then go to the shelters, no-kill fairs, etc. to find a cat or two, that isn’t how it worked out at all.

On Friday, May 25th, there was a message on our community yahoo group that a cat needed a home.  Her name was Socks; she was three years old; spayed; declawed in the front; and very friendly.  After talking to Taed, I called.  Unfortunately someone had beat me to the punch, and she was already claimed.  However, the woman took my number “just in case”.

Just in case means I was called a day later because the other person had never followed through.  This time, I was given the “owner’s” phone number.  After much back and forth, the family I drove to South San Jose Sunday evening.  While I wanted a cat, I wanted to make sure that she would be willing to accept us.

What we found was almost heartbreaking.  Her family LOVED her.  Their situation was one where they had taken her in as a stray when she was a kitten since she had claimed them.  Their older cat, not happy about the situation, was actively mean to her.  However, since the house was two stories, the older cat claimed the upstairs and Socks had reign of the downstairs, minimizing their interactions. Unfortunately the family had moved to a one story house meaning that the older cat was attacking Socks regularly.  Rather than get rid of the older guy, they opted to find a home for the younger, more loving pet.

I had to ask if they were sure.  After all, this cat had found and claimed them.  She loved them and even wound herself around the baby’s legs.  The family was sure, and they decided that we would make a good family for Socks since we already cared about her well-being before taking her.  They cried when we took her.  They loved her so much.

It’s been a week, and at first, Socks wasn’t too sure about us or our home.  Now she owns the place.  More specifically, she owns me.  She will sit on my lap for (what seems to be) hours, she sleeps on me when I sleep, she lays next to me in bed, and she makes sure to visit me while I’m working.  The only hand she wants petting her is the one that is working the mouse.

It feels good to have a cat again. I still miss Amelia, but it’s time to move on and find a place in my heart for another.  Plus, I’ve already been claimed so Socks has every intention of occupying my heart like she does my lap and my bed.

Our new kitty, Socks.



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