Beautiful Card from Student

Over the years I’ve spoken often of this student.  She is wonderful, kind, forgiving and wise beyond her years.  I’m always amazed at her compassion and ability to accept others as they are.  The beauty of this is that she accepts me for who I am.  She gave me a Michael’s gift card (Yeah!  More CriCut stuff!) and a BEAUTIFUL BLUE AND GOLD thank you card with the message “You are simply wonderful.”  However, it’s what she wrote that touched my heart.

Dear Mrs. Wynnell.

You truly are simply wonderful.  You are one of my most favorite teachers — you and Mrs. Greteman by the way! — and I always look forward to class with you.  When I’m having a hard and stressful day, your jokes and smile always turn it upside down.  I just wish I could thank you enough for what you’ve done… But that’s impossible.  When I shook your hand on the stage at Promotion, I was trying not to cry because I would miss you so much.  But I told myself not to worry because I would come and visit you as much as I possibly could.  But really… thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.


(smile and tears)

The feeling is mutual, my young friend.


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