Every person’s journey with depression is different.  Currently mine includes medication, therapy, and classes.  The class is either 5 weeks with 2 sessions per week or 10 weeks.  Of course, I’d prefer to take the short route, so, with the exception of this week, I’m aiming for 2 sessions per week.

I attended my first session last Thursday.  It was interesting because it really is focused on where were you, where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there.  Of course, there’s homework ’cause what’s class without some homework? 🙂

As I was waiting for my grading site to load, I started on the first page assigned.  This is “Behaviors that Often Change When Depressed”.  As the participant, you get to compare your typical self with your depressed self.  It was interesting for me to see how many of my depressed behaviors fell under the category of “self-destructive.”  My sleep was either interrupted or an entire weekend afternoon (I’ve had no naps this weekend; although, I was tired enough to take on Saturday afternoon).  I went from exercising almost every day to, at best, two times per week. My eating habits were terrible.  I’d overeat for the sake of just eating. My impulse control was gone as was my ability to deal with simple irritations or change.  Worse, I had started to just sit in front of the T.V.

You know when the commercial says, “Depression hurts.” it doesn’t mention how it can kill. These behaviors, if left alone, all add up to heart attack, diabetes and stroke.  I haven’t even taken my blood pressure, but I’m pretty sure it’s awful too.  Sigh….

I think the point of the exercise is to get us to see what we’re actually doing to ourselves by not seeking help in changing how we deal with stress, circumstances, pressure, and life.  In fact, it shows how little life you have left when you decide to give in to depression.  If that was the point, it was well-received.  In fact, maybe there was a little too fine a point on it. (Yes, They Might Be Giants reference).

Boy, am I glad I’m moving away from that!


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