I may, in fact, be crazy.  Not that I’ve checked; although it’s on my to-do list once school gets out.

This school year has been probably my most challenging in my career.  It seems that there has been one event after another, a lot of miscommunications, judgements on all sides, and just the daily slings and arrows.  As such, I’m a worn down frazzled piece of electrical wire looking to start a fire.


More than one friend has remarked that I’m up, then down, I’m up, then down.  While it’s true the year has been challenging, I’m not getting past it.  Again, SO NOT GOOD. And to top it off, it’s bleeding into my personal life.  It’s not just work when you can’t leave work there, get past stuff you can’t control, and move on.

In fact, I looked online at symptoms of depression.  Yep. I’ve got them in spades.  It’s probably time for some little serotonin therapy.

While it can’t fix this school year, it’s got to be able to help the next one.


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