Growing Up

Like most parents, I think my son is pretty damned special and cool.  Yes, he has habits that I don’t love.  Unfortunately, many of those habits are ones that I share making my eradicating them next to impossible.  How do I fix him when I can’t (won’t) fix me? 🙂

For a long time, I was concerned about his ability to function at school.  Taed had noted that before school he smiled in most of his pictures.  Post-kindergarten, not so much.  In fact, save for recess and lunch, he didn’t love school.  He merely went as a social avenue (truly.  The idea of home school sent him into shakes.  Education with NO social life.  NO WAY!), not really an educational one.  He’s been pretty clear that his dad has taught him a lot.

Last year, we went through the process of seeing if he was ADD, and if that was getting in the way.  As a teacher, I’d seen the paperwork so I knew what to expect.  I also knew that two data points were not enough.  So we had his 3rd grade teacher and his after-school teacher complete paperwork as well as his teacher that year.  What we found was there was enough getting in the way to consider medication for ADD.

We sat on it.

You see, he had thrived best in structured environments.  It still wasn’t clear if it was environmental or if it was biology.

Yet, one day he got into the car so frustrated, sad, and unhappy that I walked him through the appointments and findings.  I told him he could try the medicine if he thought it would help.  He wanted it the next day.  Within a week, he was on a very low-dose medicine.

It’s made a huge difference in his life.  In fact, the best thing that ever could have happened to us is that he could tell the difference and explain what was going on.  He knows how he feels on it and without it.  He can tell the days he’s forgotten it.  Now when he sees a child acting a certain way, he’ll say, “I’ll bet she/he needs some xxx.  That’s how I used to act before I went on it.”  He just knows.

Which brings us to now.  Keb will be 11 in a couple of weeks.  He’s now in charge of taking his daily ADD medicine.  He has one of those days of the week pill containers for it.  He’s in his second week, and he’s only forgotten twice.  Pretty good for taking on this task.  Mind you, he’s always been responsible for taking his breathing medicine (daily and emergency), so this is the next step in his growing up.

Even more interesting…  Taed forgot to give him snack money yesterday when he dropped Keb off to play Magic.  When we picked him up, he had played a second draft (more money) and bought a snack (more money).  We’re assuming he sold cards to get more money.  That means he’s being resourceful.  Yet another good characteristic for a young man.

It’s been very interesting watching Keb mature.  I wasn’t sure it would happen, but it is.  Now I have plans for us both this summer.  We will learn to cook, exercise, and work on 6th grade math together.  Maybe even plan a couple of parties. 🙂

I can’t help but smile because I can’t wait to see how he turns out.  Right now, he seems like he’s going to be pretty awesome.  How cool is that?  More so, how lucky am I?


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