OK, this is probably hardly really worthy of being a “eureka” moment.  Feel free to mock me or laugh heartily at my expense. I’ll take the comments like the big girl I am.

I finally figured out why *my* favorite barrista is my favorite.  When I order my skinny caramel macchiato with (yes) extra caramel (not all the time.  Just once a week as a treat or more than than if one sucks), it’s not always, well, sugary in that expected caramel way.  In fact, one this week barely had any caramel in it to block the burnt flavor of the espresso (new guy).  However, I watched MY guy work yesterday.  He coated the inside of the cup with caramel, then put a little on top. Duh!  That’s just genius.  It’s like he gets that the caramel on top just sticks to the lid and doesn’t flavor the coffee.  That extra slides to the bottom for a super yummy shot of after coffee goodness. (shiver with delight going on here)

The only problem now, since I can’t guarantee his presence, is to decide if I just order iced tea if he’s not there, or if I hope and pray the rest can figure it out.  Who am I kidding?  Given the cup of foam I got last week, I need to stick to iced tea.  I’ll only order coffee if he’s there to spoil me.

I also assume he kind of digs me because he calls me “miss.”  Honey, I haven’t been a miss in over 20 years!  But I’ll take it.


2 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Morocco says:

    That’s the thing that bugs me about Starbucks-no consistency. Sometimes I swoon at the first taste of my usual vanilla chai latte with breve no water, other times, I feel as if I have been poisoned! And for the price I want delicious EVERYTIME!

    • Suzanne says:

      I agree. At $3-4 per drink, it should be FANTASTIC every time. Oh well… Another good reason to make other breakfast choices.

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