New Beauty TestTube

Tagline: The Ultimate Product Sampling Program (a testimonial of sorts)

OK, I admit it.  I am a product whore.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, ADORE, AM OBSESSED WITH new beauty products.  Heck, you’d think I’d look FABULOUS 24/7 given my interest in this area.  Alas, I think of beauty products more like tapas, sushi and dim sum — small bites.  I don’t really like to commit.  Which is what makes these weird beauty sampling programs so great for people like me.

First, I NEVER EVER EVER get the good samples at any make-up counter.  Not once.  I mean, I will get the gift with purchase, but that’s really because they have to.  However, I’ve never gotten anything else just because I’m there.  Second, I also don’t ask.  It feels dirty — like asking the price of a prostitute.  It’s just yucky.  Finally, the stuff in the magazines isn’t really enough to tell, and I’m not willing to open products at Target, Walmart, etc. to try them.

Now the downside to all this is cost.  Birtchbox is about $120 a year — $10 or $12 a month is what I’m thinking.  This new one, the New Beauty TestTube is $40, four times a year.  Yet… There were more full-sized products.  Mind you, I’m not saying Birchbox doesn’t, ’cause they do.  However, I’m sure with the cost differential, TestTube has to offer both MORE and LARGER.

So I got my first Tube yesterday.  Mailed in a box.  OK, I really was all, WTF? because, I mean, you can mail a tube.  However, it did come with a product guide and a magazine (worthless unless you’re looking for a plastic surgeon.) and a sample that didn’t fit in the tube, so I guess that’s OK.

I can already say that I love a couple of the products.  The Mally eyeshadow stick is a great color for me!  It’s a creamy, blendable grey.  Then there’s the YBF eyeliner in plum noir.  Love it.  It now rivals a gorgeous olive I was using.  And most surprisingly, given my issue with fragrance, was my absolute initial love of Memoire Liquid body cream.  It’s silky, smooth, and the fragrance isn’t overwhelming.  Which is good because my hand have been a MESS! AND!  I haven’t tried it yet, but it came with Dr. Brandt Signature BB cream, which I hear is the best.  I so want to try this because a) it’s supposed to be the BEST of the BB creams and b) the Clinique BB cream I’m using is DRY!  I have to mix it with moisturizer so it doesn’t sit all chalky on my skin.  Yuck.

Here are the pictures so you can see what came in “Edition 23” (whatever that means).

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