Hair Cut

Every so often I have these moments where I decide that I miss myself.  By that, I mean that I miss the person I was before I became a responsible grown-up who watches things like “What Not to Wear” and follows them.  Wow, I guess what I really mean is that I miss the rebel me because the responsible grown-up me is a sheep. LOL.  You get the point.

This really came about because I was HATING my hair.  It was incredibly blah, not flattering, and devoid of anything remotely resembling style.  In fact, here’s how bad it was.  Once I returned to work and had TONS of people complimenting my cut, one actually said she couldn’t remember what I looked like before.  Nothing says “GOOD MOVE” quite like being boring and unmemorable, huh?

Of course, photographic evidence must follow.  Here, I debut my latest do.  Like it or not, I’d rather stand out than blend in.

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One thought on “Hair Cut

  1. Morocco says:

    I like! I’m going through the phase of blah hair as well! I don’t look good with short hair so I know I won’t cut it. However, I am thinking about getting it braided for the summer to let it rest from the heat and chemicals. I’ve also been taking hair vitamins to give it a boost.

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