It’s About the FOOD, Vern! WWTK 1yr Anniversary

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama


Crazymama is asking the questions this week.  She says, “It’s standardized testing week here and in an attempt to send the herd out the door with a full belly  I’ve made hot breakfast for them. So I’m on a food kick.”

1. What is your favorite go to breakfast recipe for special occasions or company?

I don’t have special occasions.  However, I love to make breakfast for dinner.  I affectionately call it B4D.  In that case I make something my mom calls “Salvation Army Casserole.” I think the story is that she got the recipe from my grandmother who would assemble and bake them for the Salvation Army to feed to the people who came in for food.  It’s just eggs, milk, Bisquick and spices blended for a minute then poured over sausage and cheese in a casserole dish.   It reheats pretty good, too.

2. What is your policy for kids that don’t want to eat what you are serving?

Don’t eat it, but I’m not cooking anything else.  It works for husbands, too. 🙂

3. Do you take treats to neighbors? What kind?

Not often.  If I do it’s at holiday time.  Essentially these are cookies, candies and cakes (It’s a food group in my family.  Started as the 3Cs, but grew to 4 as we needed a place for ice cream).  I love to bake, but I’m the only one eating the stuff so…  Mostly I bake and take stuff to work.  They will even eat my experiments.

4. What is your most used spice in your cupboard? (Besides salt or pepper)

Vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.  It’s sad.  I don’t really care to cook.  I like to bake.  This means my regular food isn’t satisfying, and everything else should be eaten in moderation.  What’s a girl to do?

5. What is your favorite fruit ? Do you have a  Fave veggie?

Wow.  Hard question.  I could more easily answer this with what DON’T I like.  I would say my favorite fruits are berries — raspberries in particular.  My favorite veggie, based on actual consumption, would be carrots.  However, I eat a lot of green beans and broccoli as well.
Really I just don’t like zucchini and summer squash, eggplant, or papaya.  The rest is pretty much worth eating

Bonus question….

6. It was tax day here in the US. Did you get a return? How do you spend it?

We get a return, but I’ve never seen it. 😛  Any money given back goes straight to the principal on our house loan.  I think we’re down to about 2 more years of payments, and it will be ours. I credit this all to my husband because he’s the fiscally responsible one.  I’d just spend the return on Diet Pepsi, Starbucks, and books for the classroom — you know, junkie behavior.

6 thoughts on “It’s About the FOOD, Vern! WWTK 1yr Anniversary

  1. Jen says:

    vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon! the aroma of some great baking!! stopping by from WWTK 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    I love baking! I don’t do it often enough and when I do it all disappears in the blink of an eye.
    Unfortunate I still have to cook dinner at least 2 nights a week. But I’m very luck to have a husband who often takes over dinner duties when I can’t.

  3. vandylj says:

    I love to bake too, but don’t do it often enough. When I do it’s always a hit with the fam.

  4. dddiva says:

    That’s wonderful on your house being paid off so quickly. I like the taste of Diet Pepsi but it goes flat faster than I can drink it, does that happen to you?

    • Suzanne says:

      It’s not that fast! By the time it’s done it will have been 10-11 years. Still, better than if I had done it.

      Yes, I do find Diet Pepsi goes flat pretty fast. I drink it in containers with lids, though. I’m a terrible spiller.

  5. I did not think of vanilla…and I use it all the time! Salvation Army Casserole sounds delish!

    Linking from Mamarazzi’s,
    Ricki Jill

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