Not Much of a Confession

It’s time for everyone’s favorite confessional! Join me and all the folks over at Mamarazzi. Confession is good for your soul.


I Confess

Hunger Games opened at midnight and I couldn’t care less.  I’m just now slogging through the book.  It’s out of complete obligation, and not because I find it that interesting.

I Confess

I’ve only read 5 or 6 books this year.  That’s pretty pitiful.  I can’t seem to wean myself from my crap magazines.  I know I should read because I make my students, but…

I Confess

There’s nothing good to fill in the “but”.  It’s like exercise; I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I know if I just started reading again, I’d find my old love.  I did pre-order Jennifer Lancaster’s “Jeneration X” because I love her wit.  I can relate.  Plus, it’s supposed to come with a personalized book-plate (I think).

I Confess

I may need to take my buddy, Tracy, up on her offer to use her RSP (special education teacher) services to write goals for myself.  Yes, to make myself read (and exercise).  LOL.  OK, I am truly pitiful.  However, if I can’t get it together by June, she’s going to “organize” my life.

I Confess

If that happens, there needs to be a camera crew because it will be HIL.AIR.EEE.OUS. The blind leading the blind in hopes of achieving something.  We walked for 1.5 hours yesterday AND had dinner.  Our conversation? — all over the place.

I Confess

That may not be such a bad thing.  After all, if I’m not going to read or exercise, the least I can do is have some fun.  Right?


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