Free From Worry

The advice is always the same
be careful, be cautious, don’t take risks
make sure you stay within bounds
you never know….

It’s true, you never know
when life will shift, morph, or change
if someone has it out for you
that betrayal is around the corner
that one dumb act will define
your life

I can’t predict the actions of others
I can’t always predict my own
I can’t live a “political” life where
everything I do is done to perfection
sterile, inauthentic, focused solely
on what others think

But I don’t want to live my
life looking over my shoulder
full of worry, panicked that
my happiness, joy and livelihood
can be “stolen” away from me
in a minute

I can only hope that
each change means something
better, new, challenging,
that when people speak out
against me, it’s with best intentions
and not out of fear, jealousy, and
a petty need to be [fill in the blank]

I refuse to be more cynical
more sarcastic, more snarky
I refuse to have to worry that
I can’t trust people or to be
careful with everything I do
or say

I have a life to live
I don’t have time for
this kind of


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