I Confess Some Parents Don’t Get It


Going off on parents! Parents Behaving Badly.

I Confess

Whenever I read about a parent attacking a teacher or coach for disciplining a child, the number of emotions that flood my system practically make me vibrate. There’s sorrow, anger, fear and indignation.  I end up holding a lot of rage towards the trend of parents behaving badly.

I Confess

I think these parents are crazy and completely in the wrong.  I don’t think they are being “Mama Bears” or “Papa Wolves” or whatever (stupid) trendy name is given to justify such actions. I think of them as immature people who really were not fully qualified to be parents.

I Confess

I think these parents think they are doing their child or children a favor by acting like this.  I get told they are “protecting their children”.  From what?  Life?  Solving a child’s problem by pitching a fit; yelling, screaming, and demanding; or by threatening someone’s livelihood does not make someone a good parent or even a good person.  It makes that person a bully. It sure doesn’t teach appropriate coping or problem solving skills.

I Confess

I don’t think they know anything about wild animals or wild animal behavior.  In the wild animals only attack when there is real danger.  However, we’re hardly living in the wild (at least not MOST of us).  The picture of a parent coming to school to “…talk to that girl who’s bothering my daughter” should be EMBARRASSING and SHAMEFUL.  Again, not Mama Bear but unbearable bully. However, we repeat these stories with glee and a certain amount of, “Well, she got what she deserved.”  Sigh… Honey…

I Confess

I believe the ongoing negative feelings towards schools and educators has helped to foster this trend.  People may give lip service and SAY they respect teachers and schools, but really they don’t.  Add to that the illusion that we are service providers and it’s a teacher’s job to make the client(s) happy, then you have an institution that is scapegoated for not meeting societal needs but then punished (literally) for trying to make its clients fall into line.  There literally is a culture of “You better not tell my child what to do!” 

I Confess

This fear of parental retribution doesn’t help foster a community or help it grow.  In fact, no changes will be made due to the fears that are instilled. A physically violent parent may not be the biggest threat.  After all, most home offices will support the school or teacher in these cases.   Aside from that, all bets are off, which is really sad because everyone says “It’s about the kids.”

I Confess

I think it’s about the adults.

What do you have to confess?


2 thoughts on “I Confess Some Parents Don’t Get It

  1. Jolene says:

    Very well put. I love your passion about your confession this week. This is why you ARE a good teacher.

    • Suzanne says:

      Thank you. It’s a hard job. It’s really curious because the classroom time is usually, 100%, the best place ever. However, anything dealing with adults or society… Sigh. 🙂

      Apparently this means I need to work on my adult skills.

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