Tread Marks

Fight or flight?
hell why stay and
fight for this shit

That’s right I called
it shit

Where do I start
in deconstructing this
cluster fuck
of missed opportunities
wasted effort and energy
and abundant apathy

I can’t give MORE
because I am DRAINED
demoralized, vilified
and coming perilously
close to empty

I’d jump but
that wouldn’t fix
I’d just be pitied
and you’d feel
smug, satisfied, vindicated
for stuff you know
nothing about

Besides, I can’t find a precipice

I don’t want your lame,
late bone of support
to make sure
what you want is
and I’m still stuck

Really stuck

Fuck no, I don’t want
to fight for this

I’d give almost anything
to run fast
run far

leaving you
in my rear view

flattened by my tires


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