an hour lost
an hour gained
drives me nuts
it’s such a pain

i don’t plant
i don’t farm
i hate to be woken
up by alarm

morning sun
suits me best
and at night
i like to rest

we’re moving time
not saving it at all
stop messing with
my spring and fall


2 thoughts on “I H8 DST

  1. Mad me laugh. Just leave the world an hour ahead and call it good–all year long. Especially in the winter!

    • Suzanne says:

      (all meant in jest) ARGH!! How can you suggest that? You rightfully note my control freak tendencies and then challenge it by asking me to to be LATE! Or worse, merely “on time”? Are your trying to kill me?

      No, I’ll conform. I’ll just complain about it.

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