The Nicest Person I Know

When I grow up, stop being childish and ego-driven, and can learn to give up my need to be right in the interest of putting people first, I want to be Olivia.

She’s a student of mine, and not only is she the nicest person I know, she’s the best person I know.  Naturally. It’s not an act like some sort of demented Nellie Olson acting one way in public and another way in private.  She is seriously caring, compassionate, loving, and respectful. People may not like her, but it can only be because she doesn’t engage in gossip or rude behavior.  On the other hand, she will forgive someone and try to be their friend over and over.  It’s rare for her to express that someone is annoying her.  She can just let it go.

She already knows when she’s older that she wants to have a horse ranch.  I believe she wants a place where horses can be cared for and rehabilitated, but also to allow kids to come and connect with the animals as part of therapy. How cool is that?  She already knows her life’s work at a young age, and it is being in service to others.

I’m not there yet, by any long stretch, but I am well-aware of my need to put others first, commit to my sense of duty to the community, and sacrifice my ego to the betterment of the world.  In short, I need to follow Olivia’s example.


One thought on “The Nicest Person I Know

  1. OK your final paragraph reminds me of why you became a teacher. I think you are a bit hard on yourself.

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