OK, This is Dumb

I DVR (which means Taed sets up the DVR recording, and I watch) shows I’m into and generally watch them a day or two later.  This means that last night I watched the finale of “Top Chef — Texas”.

OK, I really, really, really liked Ed.  There was something about when he talked the whole bottom part of his face did things that didn’t even MATCH the words coming out of his mouth.

He wasn’t in the finale.

It was between Sarah and Paul.  I really liked Paul more.  It’s not that Sarah wasn’t a good chef — it’s more that she took part in mean girl games that turned me off.

I’m watching, Sarah seems to be kicking asterisk.  I’m watching, Paul has some mistakes.  I’m watching, her meal seems so much better.  I’m thinking she’s going to win.  She gets great feedback.  Paul gets good feedback.  They leave.  I’m disappointed, but it’s not like it’s going to a horrible chef who got lucky on one night.  I mean, this girl can ROCK the pasta.  So I’m resigned…

Then Paul wins.

And I should have been happy because I had been rooting for him (after Ed).  Except Sarah’s passion won me over at the last minute.  When she cried, so did I.

Isn’t that just dumb?


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