Don’t Forget To Feed the Bear

Most people who have even a passing acquaintance with me know not to let me get hungry.  I go from being cranky to downright mean in less than a second.  Seriously, the impatience and intolerance I exhibit towards mankind skyrockets when I haven’t had food.

Which is why I probably should have eaten before going to TGI Fridays.  Honestly, I know, I do, that it’s not great, inventive food.  I know it can be mediocre.  However, what I was served, hungry and mean or not, was just wrong.

I ordered a turkey burger which came with fries.  The fries were limp and lukewarm.  Uhm, no.  The burger was weird.  Sure, I ordered a regular burger and had them place a turkey burger in its stead, but I can’t see why the onion crisps were cold and greasy.  So there were two choices: one is that the waitress, Lolita, didn’t pick up the food on time; the other is that they did a sh*tty job making it and hoped Lolita’s cuteness would help sell it.  Uhm no.

Then the manager came over to “fix it”.  Fixing it meant placing it under the broiler to melt the cheese.  I know this because the onion crisps were never replaced.  The fries were “warmer”, but still not fresh.  The edges of the turkey burger were now burnt.  If this was supposed to appease me, they failed miserably.  In fact, I can’t imagine WHO would be appeased by such crap.

So I didn’t eat it.  Then came the “Well, we don’t want you to be hungry.”  (TOO effing late for that!) “Can we make you something else?” “No!” I replied.  “This wasn’t done well.  I can’t imagine what else I would order that would be freshly made.” Hell, if my dining companions had been honest, their salads were poorly constructed.  The cilantro wasn’t even chopped for the one salad.  Geez.

In order to get some food into myself, I ended up at Lees Sandwiches.  This is usually a bright spot in my life. However, I didn’t go to *my* Lees Sandwiches.  They didn’t have my sandwich posted, but she did place an order for it.  It was $1.5o MORE than my Lees and, of course, it tasted worse.  Sure, I ate it.  It wasn’t awful.  It was just mediocre.

I guess my point is, if I want to risk highly mediocre food that might be lukewarm and not done well, I’ll hit up McDonald’s.  However, in this case, McDonald’s is wiping the floor with both these institutions.  Yep, you lost to Ronald.

Methinks the bear needs more food.


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