45 Things/People I’m Thankful Are In My Life

  1. My husband.  We both rock our own brand of crazy, but we make it work.  I can’t imagine being loved more, or being loved better than I am by Taed.  More than that, I’m a better person with Taed.
  2. Keb.  If I had known I was going to love being a mom as much as I do to him, I would have had more and started sooner.  He’s just a cool kid, with and without our input.
  3. My relationship with my mom.  When I was a teenager I was convinced I would move away and *never* talk to her again.  Here I am 30 years later, and I talk to her at least once a week.
  4. All of my surrogate mothers.  I was so fortunate to have older women who took me under their wings and gave me many a “Come to Jesus” talk.  The love they offered me, when I couldn’t give it to myself, was invaluable.
  5. My childhood friends — Jolene, Kristin, Cassie and Cindy.  Not too many people have friends from kindergarten, middle school, and high school.  Even fewer do more than just Facebook or Christmas cards with their friends.  I am blessed to have these women in my life because they all knew me when and can take me down 1,000 pegs if I get too big for my britches.
  6. My “grown-up” friends: Carol, Tracy, Diane, Julie, Erica, Pam and Erin.  We’re all teachers, but we’ve come to be more than teacher friends.  We are friend-friends who support each other as we grow in our profession.
  7. Hot water.  I love having a hot water heater. I am blessed to be able to scorch my skin, come out looking like a lobster, and not be considered a “princess” for it.
  8. Diet Soda. I know it’s not good for me but a girl’s gotta have a legal drug. 🙂
  9. My siblings.  We don’t always share time with each other, but I am better for having had them.
  10. Starbucks.  I’m not a HUGE coffee drinker, but I like to have one a couple of times of week as a treat.
  11. Electricity.  What a wonderful gift from the gods.  I mean, it can be 32 degrees outside and 94 and a sauna inside.  We are spoiled.
  12. Cars.  Not because I can’t walk, but because sometimes I don’t want to.
  13. Teaching.  After years of not really having a purpose or direction, I found one with teaching.  It’s a calling, a frustration, a blessing, and a curse.
  14. Education. I’d never be here if it weren’t for wonderful teachers, supportive parents, and my fairy god parents who all insisted that education was the most important thing I could ever receive.
  15. Ex-boyfriends (or somebodies that I used to know).  The only way I can appreciate everything Taed and I have is to look back and see the messes and failures that came before.  We may not be perfect, but we’re better than all that.
  16. My niece.  She is much more than a niece.  She is one of my bonus sisters.  She tells it like it is.  She’s funny.  She shares herself with me.  I’m blessed to have her in my life.  She brings smiles to my face.
  17. Health Insurance.  So many people don’t have this in their lives, and I know that we are so fortunate to have access to the care we need.  I never want to take this for granted because it truly has made my life better.
  18. Orchids
  19. Books.  Yes, I’m a book junkie and I don’t read everything I buy.  Still, I love being transported when I get there.
  20. Gossip magazines.  It’s like candy for the mind.
  21. Relatives.  They teach you so much about who you are, where you came from, and hold onto history.  Close or not, they are the glue.
  22. Target.  I just love Target.
  23. Sushi.  The Japanese have a way with beautiful food.  Tasty too.
  24. Thai.  Not just for the delicious yumminess of it, but also because it’s a bond I share with Julie and Erica.
  25. The Internet.  How else could I avoid work?
  26. Students.  They teach me something new every day.  It’s not just me to them, but them to me.
  27. Alone time.  One hour a day does wonders.
  28. Washing machine and dryer.  I can’t imagine pounding on a rock, hand washing, or that old crank machine.
  29. Garbage and sanitation.  🙂
  30. Online shopping.  Because I really don’t enjoy shopping by myself in public.
  31. Big girl shops.  I hated shopping because there were never stylish clothes for people my size.  Now there’s a whole new world.
  32. Whimsy.  It rules a great deal of my life.  I find it joyful.
  33. Catholic churches.  No where else can you see what love, devotion, fear, and artistry can do to promote religion.
  34. The Constitution.  Because I don’t want to be told I have to believe or that I can’t speak my mind.
  35. Health.  Without it, there’s nothing but waiting to die.
  36. Patience.  It’s come to me late (and still isn’t there when I drive), but it’s tempered me.
  37. Loyalty.  I am a very loyal friend.  I am thankful to have this characteristic because I think it’s been key to keeping so many friends over the years.
  38. Forgiveness.  I am so very, very fortunate that my friends, family, colleagues, and students have been willing to forgive me my ignorance, intolerance, the need to be right, judgements, and general obnoxiousness.  Without that gift, I’d be alone.
  39. Computers.  Without this one, I couldn’t share my warped world view with any one else.
  40. All kinds of bedding in general.  Is there anything better than crawling into cool sheets on a warm day and snuggling into the blankets?
  41. Cookies, candies, cakes and ice cream.  They make me well-rounded.  Literally.
  42. Fast food.  I’m not a planner, and this makes life easy.
  43. My parents in general.  Without them, I wouldn’t be here.  I’m lucky I came around when I did.
  44. Phones.  I talk all the time, and it’s my favorite way of keeping in touch.
  45. Love.  It doesn’t make the world go ’round, but it make the trip so much happier.

There are so many blessings in life.  We’re lucky to get this time to be with others, share our lives, and create small pockets of joy.  Some feel a reward follows a life well-lived.  I don’t.  I feel that this is the only time you have to make an impact, to leave a legacy, and to do it right.  I am so lucky to have many people who have helped me, and will continue to help me, along the way.

I don’t say it often enough, but I love you.  Dearly.  Truly.  Deeply.  Madly. Passionately. Without reservation.


One thought on “45 Things/People I’m Thankful Are In My Life

  1. Morocco says:

    Ooooh, lovely list!!! I ditto some–Target, Starbucks, TRUE friends,bedding, health, my children, books, education, students…!

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