WWTK Week 45 — The Beauty/Spa Edition

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama
This week Crazymama wants to know how you pamper yourself…

{1} What is your go to color if you paint your nails? do your toes and fingernails match?
For years, and I mean more than the last decade, I have had rainbow toes.  Generally, red, orange, green, blue and purple.  Since OPI came out with the Muppets glitter, I’d been rocking that on top of the colors — yes, one specific glitter coat for each color.  Yesterday, I tried to redo my toes to somewhat mixed results.  You see, some colors aren’t as vibrant.  That means many coats.  I had this idea to use black.  It worked well for green, blue and purple.  My big toe, the RED ONE, looks like it’s gone through the weed hacker.  It needs fixed in the world’s worst way but…

I actually did my nails while I was at it.  They are some sort of color that I can’t name because there are 4 layers of completely unrelated colors until I found what I liked.  They’re kind of pinky red with glitter.  Always glitter.  A girl has got to have her some glitter.

While I always do my toes, I rarely do my hands.  Too much upkeep.

{2} Have you ever gone for a mani/pedi? how often do you go?
I have, but I don’t like it.  I pay a lot for something I can do only better.  My manicures and pedicures actually LAST and don’t smear within the first 5 minutes because I wait for the polish to DRY.  I did try a shellac manicure this summer.  Total bummer in the summer.  It wasn’t vibrant.  It seemed to dull over time and, not smear, but leave pink marks.  Trying to get it off without going back to the salon was awful.  My nails have not liked me ever since.

I’m just not into using my money and time that way.  If anything, I’d go for my feet ’cause they’re a mess.

{3} Do you color your hair? do you have a salon do it or do you do it yourself?
I do have my hair colored or highlighted.  Not as often as I used to because my “guy” retired, and I haven’t found a replacement in forever and a day.  My hair is a mess, has no style, and needs help.  This is a radical change from someone who, up until three years ago, had appointments every six weeks booked a year in advance.

I won’t do it myself ’cause I’m pretty sure I’d mess it up.  It’s OK.  I like my greys.

{4} Facials…have you ever had one?
Yes, and it was OK.  I have this thing about being touched and having to make small talk with strangers.  I had a fancy microdermabrasion facial once only to be told that, to make any real difference, I’d need to return 6-8 times.  Again, time and money.  While I want the results, I don’t want to do the work.  I’m lazy like that.

Mind you, I buy the at home ones all the time and enjoy those well enough.

{5} Would you or have you ever done Botox?
If it were cheap, easy and readily accessible, sure.  But it’s not, so I haven’t.

{6} Beauty knows no pain, do you believe in waxing, electrolysis, eyelash extensions, anti-aging creams, micro-dermabrasion, peels, Botox?
I totally believe in them, but I’m lazy about application.  I would like my beard and mustache taken care of through electrolysis, but I haven’t gone through the process yet. I use all sorts of anti-aging serums (drug store or high end, I’m not picky), but I’m still turning 45 on Friday so I aged nonetheless. 🙂  I believe in using products that allow you to look good for your age.  I admit that I want fractal laser treatments quite badly.  However, at $200+ per pop, and a need for 6-8 of them, I can’t afford to get rid of my brown spots (despite a religious use of sunscreen!).

At some point, I realize I have to be happy with the changes that aging brings.  After all, it’s not like I can turn back time.  Well, I might be able to, but I want people to RECOGNIZE me when it happens. 😛


5 thoughts on “WWTK Week 45 — The Beauty/Spa Edition

  1. crazymama says:

    have you looked into doing the fractal laser at a school where they learn that? my friend is going to aesteticion school and they offer it. just a thought.

    um your toes sound fancy. i believe glitter is for everyday!

    i’m trying to stop time at this point. i’m almost 35 and realizing i should have started younger. ugh.

    thanks for linking up.

    • Suzanne says:

      *That’s* a really good idea. I had been looking at my medical facility because they do such things in the dermatology department. I hadn’t thought of that before. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Mamarazzi says:

    facial hair…no one warned me about that. it is happening, i refuse to accept it though…so i refer to them as stray eyebrows. denial. it works for me.

    thanks for linking up, i enjoyed your answers!!

  3. Where is the pic of the fancy glitter toes? They sound awesome!
    You made me giggle! I have the brown spots too. I recently heard that proactiv makes a really good product for them, I’m thinking of trying it.

  4. jenny says:

    ok, I have to comment on the facial part for sure. I did microdermabrasion at my spa for 2 years but it was so pricey at $150 per session. I had very clear skin. Couldnt afford it so I brought it home to me instead. Needless to say, Im a happy gal.

    Here is a list of my musts and must dos for the at home fine tuning of the skin. I have the http://www.riiviva.com at home microdermabrasion tool. It’s magnificent. It also saves me $250 per session. I do the plum and onion recipe for my acne. I know it sounds different but a girl can never have too many ideas. I do the tooth paste dab for any pimples and of course the cool yogurt facial.

    Yey, you have a new follower now. Thanks girl and keep it coming. GirlPower

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