What Would You Do?

I was given an incredibly generous gift of money.  Thing is, it has paralyzed me.  Of course I want to spend it, but I want to spend it wisely.  I want to remember the intent with which it was given.

Parameter: spend on me; spoil myself

Thoughts I’ve had:

  • Go to one of the fondue places with a friend or two
  • I have a coupon for $100 off $300 at Coach so buy a new bag (which, admittedly, I don’t need)
  • Save it for later to travel
  • Get a pedicure for my nasty, unhappy feet
  • Buy a cute new pair of shoes
  • Buy cute Vera Bradley office supplies for next year at school, or even home
  • Spa day — facial and such
  • A cute new outfit
  • Buy one orchid plant a month (or every two) until the money runs out
  • Take a day trip somewhere

I have so many ideas, but no inspiration.  What would you do with $100 to spend just on you?


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