What Education Seems Like To Some Kids

Lucy and Ethel in the Candy Factory

I’ve often thought of this video while teaching. It is, for me, the most perfect metaphor for teaching in the 21st century.  At various times I haven’t been quite sure who Lucy and Ethel are — teachers or students.  Yet, the fact remains that both teachers and students feel the pressure in the same way because those chocolates are the standards and pacing calendars, and we aren’t really making it.

The more I look at it, though, I think it’s the kids who are Lucy and Ethel.  When they start they’re enthusiastic, like Kindergarteners.  The amount to do starts off slow, then it speeds up.  The kids don’t know what to do.  Some students will speed up, and we never see them look like this. Others would get help or ask for it.  Yet, most students are exactly like Lucy and Ethel.  They hide the evidence, don’t speak up (or can’t) and then are given more work by someone who will punish them for not making the goals.  That supervisor?  Yes, she’s the teacher.

If you really connect this to education, how can you not see we need a revolution?


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