Interesting Idea

This is half-formed so forgive the gaps in logic, planning, execution, etc.  It’s merely in its formative stages.

One of the things I like about medicine now is the nurse practitioner.  Before we got Keb’s current doctor (who’s wonderful), we saw a nurse practitioner.  She was fabulous.  In fact, I believe my mom sees a nurse practitioner and likes her very much.  There’s something very cool about this new layer of medicine.

It got me to thinking about the idea of teacher practitioners.  Many schools are fortunate enough to have some amazing people working for them who have been on the campus longer than most teachers.  These aides or paraprofessionals or whatever we call them now sometimes have a better grip on the situation than the teacher.  In light of having to do so much remediation for students, it only makes sense to give additional training to these “educators”, expand their scope within a school community, and find money to pay them more.  These people could, in fact, become our intervention specialists because they so often work with students small group or one-on-one.

I think as education looks for more ways to reach every child we need to reaffirm that education is about people not program and products, and we need to be innovative and inventive with those people. In short, we need a teacher practitioner program.


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