Happy Monkey Day!

Yesterday I got some wonderful surprises at work.  First, Ms. Vicki who is just a cool human and a great colleague (I swear she knows everything about every kid in that school), gave me a bag (with a monkey on it).  It had a sock monkey in it.  She said she couldn’t find one “tacky” enough, so she made it.  SHE MADE ME A SOCK MONKEY.  How cool is that?  Then she added silver rick rack around the arms, legs and tail and created a purple (with glitter) ruff for its neck.  It is so darling.  Of course, I loved it.

Then I walked into my classroom to a bag on my desk.  It had TWO sock monkeys.  One is rainbow and the other is pink striped and plays Rhianna. It kind of dances too.  I had the biggest smile on my face.  How glorious is that?  It was from Julie.

They both had done it for my birthday next week, but I had also gotten two sock monkeys from Pam on Valentine’s Day.  One is rainbow and the other is grey.  I love them too.  They are happy, cute, cuddly, and remind me of the people who bought them for me.  Vicki actually told me later that they had been searching for sock monkeys for a while. Isn’t that just sweet?

While these don’t fall under “sock monkey”, they fall under love and friendship.  I was blessed enough to get a HUGE fortune cookie from Cassie.  Unfortunately it was smashed, but life is like that.  She emailed the company for a replacement, which was so kind.  It’s more that I want to see it than I had to have it.  It was chocolate-covered with pink and red candy hearts and white sprinkles.  It was damned tasty too. 🙂

PLUS!  I got Lindt chocolate from Julie AND a Starbucks card from Erica.

I am so blessed, and so loved, and so thankful, and so happy.  More than Happy Monkey Day, it was Happy Monkey Week.


4 thoughts on “Happy Monkey Day!

  1. How wonderful is Happy Monkey day! I am a blessed monkey myself.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I saw! Have a great trip. Don’t lose your passport!

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