I’m not sure why, but Thursdays are my favorite days.  I do tell people that on Thursday, I ‘m thinking “Only one more day this week!” whereas on Friday, I’m worrying about next week’s lessons and stuff.  I’m already hyper-focused on Monday, so I can’t really enjoy Friday the way I think most people do.

Thursday also just seems underrated.  It’s not Monday (which, poor thing, people hate for no good reason other than it’s the start of the week), or Wednesday (designated hump day, and that ALWAYS sounds wrong), or Friday (being that it’s the day before the weekend).  So it’s like the middle child of the week — seen, but not really appreciated.

I also have this tendency to do things because the inspiration strikes me.  I’m not a huge believer in following strictly set schedules (although if you park in MY spot, I will cut you! LOL), so I like to do things randomly.   And you know why? Because they are appreciated, enjoyed, marveled over so much more than when you expect something.  That alone can be morale enhancing or building.  Really, I’m not messing with you.

Therefore, two days ago, because it was Thursday, but it’s also February which seems so long, I took doughnuts to work.  I got so many thank-yous from people. They were just happy to even see treats in the staff room.  Some would tell me their favorites. Others would sneak just a taste.  But uniformly everyone seemed to enjoy having something “special” and unexpected.

I think that’s what life is about.  Giving to people that which they didn’t even know they wanted or needed at just the right time.  Small doses of happiness, inspiration, time or love can make someone’s day.

Maybe we should all adopt a day of the week, and use that to enhance lives.



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