My Political Stand — The Triumvirate

An intense morning break over the Angels Bay, French Riviera

Only three? I am passionate about many things, but truly I find that I am one of those people who will go for big government and interfere with your life. Why? I am naturally a yenta, plus I have a relative disregard that people can or truly will rule themselves judiciously. I mean, HEL-LO, just look at the religious right wing republicans who rave on about personal responsibility and God who then rally against a "welfare state" and want to get up in my grill about abortion. Obviously there's an entire diatribe on hypocrisy and irony in there, but I won't go into *THAT*.

Here are my top three: equal rights for all, regardless of sex, religion, color, or any other issue you can find to discriminate against another person, but including reproductive rights; an appropriate welfare system and state; and finally separation of big business and government, especially in reference to education.

First, equal rights means that anyone who is an adult over 18 can get married to another adult over 18. That said, there should be no marriage whatsoever for minors. I don't care if the parents give permission; that's just another layer of crazy. Only adults should be able to enter into marriage. Think of me as the anaBaptist of marriage.

Equal rights also means that if you wouldn't interfere with a man getting viagra, don't interfere with a woman getting birth control, They are both issues of reproductive health. There needs to be equality.

Finally, I feel abortion comes under this. While you might be trying to save a fetus, you could be sacrificing a life. You don't have to like it, and I don't care about your statistics. You do what's right for the people who are HERE, and let your God worry about the rest.

Next there's welfare. Let's be honest, no one has a cow about someone collecting unemployment or social security as living off the government. These are paid for (presumably through employer taxes) already, so people feel entitled. I pay taxes to support people who are having difficulty. Most of the time that means kids. I'm in the kid business. I believe in Maslow. Until that child has his or her basic needs met (including safety), there's no way on this planet that child can actualize hopes, dreams and goals. You want a good educational system, start with appropriate welfare. Find a way to make it work. I'm OK with rules and regulations, but be sure they're fair and make sure the idiots you have working for you ('cause they're kinda on welfare too) do their jobs.

Finally, separation of BIG business and government. I like how when a company CEO squawks everyone's all up in their grill listening like it's music. PUH-LEASE. I say this sincerely, they're looking for tax breaks so they can be richer. No more, no less. Those small businesses you pretend to care about can be struggling for ages, you ain't never gonna give them a tax break on nuthin'. You get some big-ass company telling you they'll move to such and such without their breaks, and I'm telling you you're an idiot for entertaining them. First, you're going to give in. Second, they're going to move their manufacturing, service, whatever to the exact place they said they would. This time, though, it's cause there aren't enough educated people. Really? Not enough people to answer your phones? Really? No one who can put peg into hole repeatedly? Really? I'm rolling my eyes at this. But we don't REGULATE them 'cause that would be BAD so we accept whatever bullshit lie they feed. If that's not a dysfunctional romance, I don't know what is.

Truthfully, the law should be passed that IF a CEO is caught doing ANYTHING that tanks the company, and therefore the US economy, that mo-fo gets charged with treason and faces a firing squad. Yes, I said it. WE EXECUTE THAT MOTHER FUCKER.

Not only that, any illegal activity gets the company and its assets seized and turned over to the state. If I were in charge the first time this kind of blackmail took place, that CEO's sorry ass would be in bed with cocaine, a dead hooker, and a gun. Yes, I'd do something illegal and frame someone just to make my point. DON'T YOU EVER MESS WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LIKE THAT, SON, 'CAUSE YOU WILL LOSE.

They say that we're all made in God's image. Now aren't' you more than a little afraid of a God that looks like me? More to the point, aren't you glad I'm not in politics?

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