If I Could Make a Living from Art


I think when we're young, all people think that creating art will be what they do when they grow up. That's how important creation is to people. Unfortunately, we give up strictly artistic pursuits as we become more educated, not realizing that creativity and creation are vital parts of problem solving, analysis, writing, and science.

For the argument of sticking strictly with "art" as a medium consisting of visual, writing, and audio, I'm going to select a visual art form. I would love to make money weaving. Not just that, I would like to be known for my weavings.

I have this thought in my mind that's been there for many years that one could (and someone probably already does this, I just don't know about it) take the chorus of a song, convert it into a pattern, and weave fabric based on one's favorite music. Those would become wall hangings, because the yarns and fabrics would be special — not pedestrian.

I have often longed to see what "Beethoven's Fifth" woven into a visual piece of blacks, whites, and greys with small knobs of fabric on the string, making visual what had previously been heard. More than that, I want to see Cher's "Believe", REM's "Everybody Hurts", and 'cause I'm me, Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf."

I find this desire interesting because I don't weave, nor do I have a loom or materials to even start. I know I'd have to be retaught in order to get anything started. More peculiar? I can't read music.

Yet, there's something divine about the intersection of art and music that compels me to consider that this is the life I would choose. If I could…

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