I Confess I’ve Aged Well…


It’s time to confess, along with Mamarazzi and my good buddy, Jolene.

I Confess

It’s two weeks to my birthday (to the day!), and I admit that I’m very childlike in this respect.  I’ll not only tell you my age, I’ll even add a fraction to it, then smile at you like some crazed idiot ’cause I’m so proud of being 45.

I Confess

I think this tendency drives the people I love nuts.  It’s like they’re contractually obligated to observe my birthday.  After all, if they pay attention to me much at all, they can’t even pretend they didn’t know it was right around the corner. Hell, if I could make an app called COUNTDOWN TO SUZANNE’S BIRTHDAY I would.

I Confess

I think this tendency started in grade school.  Iowa has peculiar weather where it could be 65 on February 12th, but then by the 24th a blizzard would have arrived.  As such, even if there wasn’t a snow day, the kids weren’t coming to school.  I know how those kids with summer birthdays feel ’cause it’s not so much fun to celebrate your birthday on a day that’s NOT your birthday.

I Confess

I also think it’s that my birthday has been forgotten multiple times, even though it’s along the same times as many others in the family.  When I was in 4th grade, I was at the doctor’s office when they asked for my birthdate.  I said, “Today.” and my mom looked at me and said, “No.” right before she gasped.  I had to pick out my own cake at Hy-Vee rather than getting one at Mauger’s. I hated that cake.

I Confess

It’s silly that I remember.  Plus the next year my nephew was born two weeks before my birthday so everyone was still ooh-ing and ahh-ing over him.  I’m not saying he didn’t totally deserve it, but when you’re 11, you’re not so gracious about sharing what you think is your limelight.

I Confess

All this fussing over the date is just silly because I’m not a big present person, I’m a little shy by nature, and I’m also socially awkward. I really just want a lot of birthday cards in the mail.  Sure presents are nice, and, hell, I’m not going to send them back if I get any.  However, giving a present under obligation and duress smells like nervous sweat and takes the joy out of it all.

I Confess

I don’t really see this going away any time soon.  And I’m kind of proud of it.  After all, I did end aging up like fine wine.  I am full-bodied, complex, fruity and definitely better tasting. 😉
Go visit my buddy, Jolene,  of almost 40 years. We’ve known each other since kindergarten. If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

BTW, what do YOU have to confess?  I hope it’s more interesting than mine. 😉


3 thoughts on “I Confess I’ve Aged Well…

  1. Mamarazzi says:

    FAB confessional…i gasped when I read the Dr. office story. my heart broke a little.

    i love celebrating my birthday so people forgetting would make me super sads!

    thanks for joining in the confessional!!

  2. Mamarazzi says:

    I have a little favor to ask you…when linking up to any of my link parties I ask people to link to their actual post for that party. NOT just the url to your blog. Your url to your blog looks like this:

    The url you should be linking up is the url to your actual post. You can get the correct url by clicking on the title of your post. The url you should be linking up looks like this:

    I spend a lot of time correcting links that I would rather spend reading and commenting on blogs so I would super appreciate it if you could do this one little thing for me.

    I fixed your link for this week (i have for the last few weeks *wink*), so if you could just remember for next time that would be great!!

    Thanks for understanding!

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