The Price of Loyalty

It was loyalty
that was her complete

It had been for years
she hated to admit

Hated the way that she would act
with integrity
even when betrayed by others
in the most heinous of

Her loyalty made her willing to
forgive the unforgivable
befriend the betrayer
and aid those unwilling
to ever help her
even if she asked
or needed it

Her loyalty lead her to
put many things first,
humble and egoless
even when doing so was harmful
to her

Despite the actions of the egotistical,
vain-glorious, needy, and false witnesses
she stayed steady to the path
of being a loyal friend, confidant, and

Yet, as she pulled back
it was surprising to those
to whom she was most loyal
that she wasn’t there

And it was disturbing
because it wasn’t clear
what it meant

Whether she was gone
or whether she had assimilated

And that alone
chilled them


One thought on “The Price of Loyalty

  1. An entrancing poem, epotomised by an apt and disturbing final verse.

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