Now Don’t You Feel Bad?

The teen mom dilemma.

Gaby Rodriguez is, to many, a heroine.  She took a bullet for all the put-down, trod upon and judged pregnant teens by pretending to be one of them.  (Yep, that showed me).  During that time she WAS THE SAME person (duh) who got GREAT grades and PROVED that having a baby doesn’t ruin your life or derail your dreams.

Except, she was the same person.  While I haven’t done enough research to verify it, I don’t think she went the whole 9-yards that someone who’s pregnant goes through.  Where are the descriptions of leaving school for OB/GYN appointments?  How did she handle morning or even all day sickness?  Did she sleep with the belly so she could figure out how to deal with the discomfort?  Was she worrying about baby showers, collecting materials for the baby, looking for day care, and trying to line up how to take care of a child along with taking care of herself?

‘Cause this reads like she played pregnant at school so she could give everyone their comeuppance.  Don’t you feel bad that you talked trash about me?  Look at my 3.8 grade point average.  See!  I will be someone. Yet…

She doesn’t have the baby to prove her point.  She just has 9 months of pretending.  And truthfully wearing the belly is only a very small part of the process. It reminds me of the only good thing in “Soul Man” (1980s movie about the “sins” of affirmative action).  The character who becomes black so he can get into law school comes out as white.  Rather than my “synthesizing it”, here’s the quotes from IMDB.

Professor Banks: You’ve learned something I can’t teach them. You’ve learned what it feels like to be black.
Mark: No sir.
Professor Banks: Beg your pardon?
Mark: I don’t really know what it feels like sir. If I didn’t like it, I could always get out. It’s not the same sir.
Professor Banks: You’ve learned a great deal more than I thought.

To be honest, while Gabby showed everyone what it’s like to be treated as a pregnant teen, she’s not one.  She was always able to STOP being a pregnant teen.  So her conclusion that you can still acheive your dream is just a theory.  She never had to prove it.  Because she doesn’t have a baby to take care of.  She’s free and clear.  She got out of it.

Yeah, honey, you showed me REAL good.


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