Being Judgemental

The recent issue with abortion has once again ruffled my feathers.  I find it completely curious that people who otherwise don’t really give a shit about each other suddenly have a deep respect for life.  There is no way, given the current political and economic landscape, that this can be the case.  If this was really true, there would be no starving children in the world.  Yet, the statistic I found on shows that ~22,000 children die daily from starvation.

Maybe our efforts could be better served to save them?

Thing is, this really isn’t about making sure every child (worldwide) who’s born survives and thrives into adulthood.  It can’t be.  That’s God’s job or Jesus’ job.  That’s not a HUMAN job.   I don’t know why not, but apparently it just isn’t.  The job is to save babies, not children.  Defend the fetus, not the toddler.

We could look at US poverty rates where, according to Feed America, in 2009 almost 20% of children under 18 lived in poverty.  We could be making sure they have more than “adequate” food, shelter and access to education.  Yet, we won’t, in part because we KNOW these children have it so much better off than the 1 billion people worldwide who live in poverty.  Poverty in America is a sweet, cushy position.  After all, don’t those people have parents?

No, the anti-abortion stand is deeper than that.  Yet, I can’t put my finger on it. What is it these people want — more kids?  More kids born to kids?  A larger base of poor in America? Babies to adopt?  To keep women down?  What?  I truly need to know that whatever the argument is, it makes sense in all areas of life.  Right now, it just seems like cherry-picking.

I cannot ever see the benefit in making someone who is unprepared or even unwilling to be a mother have to be one.  I think it’s so much easier to armchair quarterback what you would do because you’re not in that situation.  It’s not easy or cheap to raise a child.  Right now there are about 500,000 kids in foster care.  While many will be reunited with their families, many won’t.  Yet, there’s only one movie “The Blindside” about taking in some kid.  Why isn’t this the norm?

I’m no closer to getting why people have a hard-on about abortion.  Many imply is has to do with God’s laws, but again that would be wrong.  A boat load of what you read in Exodus is from Hammurabi’s code.  That’s not anti-abortion, that’s pay the man for his child because he lost income. That’s man’s code, not God’s.

I think I’ll be told it’s a love of human life, but I’m going to be honest with you.  We don’t honor human life.  If we did, we wouldn’t have capitalism as our government, we wouldn’t allow extreme poverty, and we would probably live more like the Amish. No, it’s deeper than that…

I really do think it’s about keeping the “natural” pecking order.


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