The Great Outdoors


When I read this prompt to my students, they laughed. They were pretty sure that the author had never met me. You see, I'm not a nature girl. While I totally appreciate nature for everything it gives us, and I like a good sun rise or sun set as much as any other non-romantic just heading to work or driving home, I'm not really one to *commune* with it. I mean it's nice to look at while I wait for my iPad to load.

I like my nature in small doses — play grounds, parks, enclosed botanical gardens, the flower department at Michael's, etc. When I'm really looking to break out of my "I love concrete" shell, I will go for a hike or head to the ocean.

Of those two, I tend to prefer the ocean. I especially like pristine ones like Pebble Beach where the beach appears to be manicured daily, there are few animals (Save for people with dogs. What is *up* with that?), the ocean meets the sky in a beautiful monochromatic mirror, and the smell is one of fresh sea breeze.

Aside from that, I have a really nice nature wallpaper supplied by Apple. Who, like me, likes the *idea* of nature, but not so much the actual application.

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