Telling It Like It Is

Are you most likely to tell it like it is, or to hold your tongue?

Silence and Respect

I believe I excel at giving people their "Come to Jesus" talk wherein I give them the gospel according to me. While everyone owns a piece of the truth, I like to make sure my piece is there first, spit-shone, shiny and ready to take on your truth in a smack-down of "Can you smell what THE ROCK is cooking?"

I will hold my tongue if I have a good reason, such as I don't really like you and can't be bothered to have any kind of real conversation with you. I see no reason to go through the intimacy of being honest, so I don't. I'll also lie if I have a good reason. Unfortunately people who know me are hip to this habit because it's the only time I stop to think.

In short, you want to be given the truth, come see me. Otherwise, just keep talking to those other people who spin your life for you. Then, when you're unhappy that things are the same as always, I'll be happy to say, "I told you so."

Shadenfreude — it's not just for breakfast anymore.

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