I Confess — Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left To Lose


I Confess

Ever since I took Julie’s class for the week she went to Yosemite for me I’ve been enjoying teaching a whole lot more.  While I admit that I shouldn’t have shared that I liked the 7th graders more than the 8th graders to the 8th graders…

I Confess

They’ve been so much more enjoyable since then.  They really have.  We’ve had some excellent conversations about the Declaration of Independence as well as civil issues.  It’s been so much more wonderful that…

I Confess

It almost makes me wish I wasn’t walking away.  I really do enjoy working with kids this age.  However, I know it’s so much better to go out on a high note rather than to exit tired, angry and bitter which…

I Confess

I certainly was.  However, now that I’m free to enjoy the rest of the year, relax my standards because the program I’m offering now won’t be in place next year, and to really cement the relationships I have with the students. I look forward to going through the end-of-the-year slide show, going to Great America, and giving them their certificates at promotion. 

I Confess

That I’m looking forward to teaching whatever comes next.  I’ve been told 3rd grade, so I’m finding all sorts of things on Pinterest to teach those topics and concepts. My friend, Carol, teaches 3rd as well so I have someone to help guide me, give me pointers, and suggest really good lesson plans.

I Confess

 I’ll have to change everything about my teaching style and start new.  I don’t even have supplemental materials, and I’d gotten rid of a lot of my lower level books. I wonder if I can do it — change levels and start new.

I Confess

I’m looking forward to the challenge.


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