Apparently I’m Cheerful

Almost 30 years ago, I worked for Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company in West Des Moines, IA during the summers when I was in college.  Part of my job was getting in at 6-6:30-ish in the morning and sorting data.  When I would walk in, the first person I would encounter was Pat.  And she would be grinning and bidding me a “Good morning.”

I’m pretty sure I mumbled at her, glared, and maybe even ignored her.  I’ll be honest, getting up at 5:00 was NOT easy and it made me very grouchy.  I wasn’t remotely human until 10:00 in the morning.  By that time Pat was more than half done with her day and considering going to lunch.

Now here I am at 45, waking up at 5, and going into work, yes, CHEERFUL. In fact, our custodian, Jimmy, remarks on it daily.  He’ll comment that I must have had a lot of coffee because I walk really fast.  He wants me to spread my cheerful ’cause no one else is.  He wants to know why I’m happy.  I have to explain that I’m happy until I have a reason not to be.  Usually that reason comes in someone over 18. 🙂  I like kids but adults…  Not so much.

I shared this with the students one day.  Many were surprised until one said, “Yeah, she is cheerful. She’ll actually yell at me “GOOD MORNING” from across campus.”  Another said, “She is always smiling, and I’ve even heard her laugh.”  “Sometimes,” another said, “She won’t even talk to me about my iPod.  She’ll just tell me to turn it down.”

Who would know that years after I growled at Pat for being insanely happy and cheerful in the morning that I would become that annoying person?

OK, that was just silly.  We always knew that I was annoying.  It’s just ironic HOW it’s manifested itself.



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